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A new and exciting Place for GAMERS!

    Battleshare gives you the tools to gather your team mates, build your

                                      reputation and record your victories.

For Teams

Band together with your friends to participate in Real Time Tournaments for a chance to win Glory and prizes!

For Friends

Join a new and growing community of fellow gamers and connect with new players with similar tastes!

For News

From Weekly game reviews and industry news to our user forums and Gamer DIY How to’s, We’ve got your information fix covered!

For You!

Looking for a spot to gather the guild or a place to stay informed? Need a portal to build your followers? Battleshare is for you!

Create manage and join tournaments! Wanna know more?

New features Coming soon!

Build followers for your broadcasts!

Post your streaming schedule!

Connect with your followers, and

fellow broadcasters!

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August’s featured streamer  here!

Visit our forums!

Their may be a topic for your favorite title. If not, then you can start one!










to make a profile,

join our forums, and

Create and manage
teams and torunaments!